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Our Vision

We want to help our residents make the most of every day. 

We do this by: 

  • Having high performing, engaged and educated staff

  • Creating a safe and secure environment for our residents 

  • Living a culture of continuous improvement 

  • Providing high quality and well-maintained facilities 

  • Sharing pride and enjoyment of our work and each other

Our Team

Kevin and Vanessa.JPG

Kevin & Vanessa Donaldson (Owners)

We have owned the Lyndale facilities since 2015. We have a fantastic set up with caring staff, plenty of indoor space and lovely gardens for residents and family to enjoy. We aim for Lyndale to be a supportive home environment where families are welcome to visit and participate in many activities with our residents.


Emma Taylor (General Manager)

I have worked in Aged Care for a good part of my working life. It has always been a privilege to work with older adults particularly when you hear about their amazing life stories, their achievements and their resilience over the course of a lifetime.

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